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WASHINGTON, DC- (January 18, 2012) The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA), is proud to launch the "Trabajadoras" campaign, a major research, community engagement and education effort. 

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Trabajadoras Campaign: Empowering & Protecting Latinas at Work

To enhance LCLAA’s focus on the needs of Latina women in the U.S., LCLAA is commencing a campaign entitled “Trabajadoras.”  The mission of this campaign is to raise awareness about how Latina women fare in U.S. society. This campaign combines research, policy, advocacy and mobilization around the challenges Latinas face, including a bilingual community and media outreach effort that will empower Latinas with the information and resources necessary to improve conditions in their workplaces and communities. LCLAA’s Trabajadoras campaign will increase awareness about worker protections and safety with a particular focus on Latina women in the workforce.

Latina workers face many challenges and are disproportionately vulnerable to violations of wage and hour laws and safety regulations.  Latina working women represent 12.8 percent of women in the U.S. workforce and their jobs are among the most dangerous and least compensated in the nation; Latina working women earn on average 60 cents for each dollar that white men earn. Furthermore, their experience on the job often entails sexual harassment, poverty-level pay and minimal access to healthcare. Of these women, unauthorized Latina workers fare even worse. These women face daily and systemic exploitation, dangerous working conditions, low wages, sexual and physical violence at the workplace as well as the threat of deportation for reporting any violations. For this reason, it is imperative to look at workplace issues with a gender lens in order to advance an agenda that ensures workers’ rights for all.

LCLAA invites you to support the Trabajadoras campaign by contributing to our educational programs that will help us extend our outreach, mobilize our resources and help us meet the needs of this growing community.

Stay informed on LCLAA updates or make a charitable donation here! 

By working together we can strive to make America a just, safe and prosperous place for all working Latinas and their families.