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image001LCLAA opposes any efforts made to privatize social security. Social Security was created to serve as a long term safety net for working families. It is the foundation for retirement security and not an investment program that Wall Street can use to profit billions of dollars from. Privatization will cut benefits forcing many of our elderly, survivors and people with disability into poverty. Retirees need the financial means to live their last years with dignity and independence. Reforming social security the way the administration intends will cost more than two trillion dollars, not to mention cutting guaranteed benefits by 30 to 40 percent.

LCLAA will continue to advocate to ensure that social security continues to provide a benefit people can count on, protects disabled and low income Americans. There is too much at stake for the Latino community to allow the administration to dissolve Social Security. It is our responsibility to ensure that its protections are there for today's retirees, workers and generations to come.

We are fighting to protect Social Security for all Americans.  CLICK HERE to learn about Latinos for a Secure Retirement.