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image001LCLAA is a pioneer in advocating for equal pay.  In 2007, women were paid 77 cents for every dollar men received while Latina women earned 52 cents for every dollar.

LCLAA believes that workers should enjoy the fruits of their labor, and that no one should face wage discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, country of origin or legal status. Wages for Latinos have declined over the last two years, more so than for any other ethnic group in the country (Pew Hispanic Center, 2004).

LCLAA supports legislation that creates wage policies that are fair to all workers.  LCLAA strongly supports the Fair Pay Restoration Act which would overhaul the Ledbetter Supreme Court decision and protect working families nationwide from discriminatory pay practices on the part of their employer.

LCLAA opposes any efforts by the administration to deny workers overtime. Denying workers the fruits of their labor encourages unscrupulous employers to take advantage of their workforce.

LCLAA encourages Congress to invest in human capital, and to invest in education and training programs that increase the capabilities of the U.S. workforce.

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