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Roadmap to Citizenship Campaign: Reforming America’s Immigration Process

To ensure that LCLAA focuses on the plight of aspiring citizens and the need to create a streamlined immigration process that is effective, fair, and just, LCLAA is commencing a campaign entitled “Roadmap to Citizenship.” The mission of this campaign is to raise awareness about the need to create an immigration process which would bring over twelve million new American immigrants out of the shadows, broaden the tax base, foster economic growth, improve national security, and reinforce the founding principles of inclusiveness and fairness that America embodies.

This campaign combines research, policy, advocacy, mobilization, and educational campaigns around the issues that new American immigrants face and the barriers to creating a new immigration process.

LCLAA’s Roadmap to Citizenship campaign is made up of four guiding principles:

LCLAA’s Roadmap to Citizenship campaign will emphasize the need to have a single federal solution to America’s broken immigration system and ensure that minority communities are not being unfairly targeted and profiled as a result of state-based immigration laws.

LCLAA invites you to support the Roadmap to Citizenship campaign by contributing to our educational programs that will help us extend our outreach, mobilize our resources and help us meet the needs of immigrants and successfully advocate for the reformation of our immigration system.

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By working together we can strive to welcome immigrants of all creeds, races, and backgrounds and ensure that immigrants are not exploited but instead are able to successfully integrate into our country.

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LCLAA Press Release on SB 1070 

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, the Supreme Court of the United States issued its long-awaited decision in Arizona v. United States, which examined the constitutionality of S.B. 1070, Arizona’s “show me your papers” law. 

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