Last week, voters faced unacceptable delays to cast a ballot. Some people waited up to 9 hours to vote. In Miami, many stayed in line until 1 AM at night in order to vote.

That's just not right! Tell Governor Rick Scott that no one should have to wait so long to vote.

There are stories around the state about voters waiting unacceptable amounts of time to vote. One man near Fort Myers even lost his job after he was stuck in line for three hours and couldn't make it to work. He got pink slipped by Pink Slip Rick's voter suppression. And then there are many other people waited silently, uncomplainingly for far too long in order to make their vote count.

These problems weren't inevitable; the entire early voting mess was created by Rick Scott. In 2008, Florida had 14 days of early voting but Governor Rick Scott shortened that to only the final eight days. Even when numerous Supervisors of Elections warned of problems and urged Scott to allow more early voting, he ignored them.

Hours-long lines to vote are wrong! Call on Rick Scott to expand the early voting system.

No one should be forced to sit in line for hours to exercise their right to vote. Rick Scott has already said he's willing to consider changing so we're going to hold him to it! Urge Rick Scott to expand the early voting system, so that next time, we aren't forced to wait in line for hours to exercise our right to vote.