The DREAM Bar Association, a bar association for undocumented lawyers and law students, hosted its first press conference where it announced the launch of its “DREAM Lawyers” campaign and featured undocumented students which graduated from law school and are currently are seeking to obtain their law license.  

The DREAM Lawyers campaign would involve lobbying all 50 states to grant admission to undocumented lawyers and use research, advocacy, and litigation in order to ensure that law licensing were available to all qualified individuals regardless of immigration status.

Currently, states may promulgate laws and rules that prohibit undocumented Americans and no-LPR holders from obtaining their law license. While these DREAMers may meet every single requirement set forth by a state or board of law examiners, they may still be denied a license based solely on their legal status. Currently, DBA members are involved in litigation in both California and Florida in order to gain admission to those states’ bars.

LCLAA worked with the DBA to stage the press conference and was one of the primary sponsors.

Hector E. Sanchez, Executive Director of LCLAA and Chair of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda Stated: “These DREAMers have taken the same tests, attended the same law schools, and overcome the same obstacles as other law students. Yet, because of their immigration status – and no other reason – they are being denied admission to state bars. Being brought to the United States at an early age says absolutely nothing about a person’s character or fitness. Accordingly, state bars should take steps to ensure that all applicants are treated equally.”

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