On Election Day LCLAA was in multiple states, canvassing, getting out the vote, and conducting election protection. LCLAA was active throughout Virginia with staff functioning as election monitors. At various locations throughout Virginia, LCLAA staff handed out Voter Bill of Rights which detailed every right a voter had and resources for any individual that had trouble voting. Additionally, LCLAA conducted non-partisan poll watching where it observed polling locations throughout Virginia to ensure that all voters had their voices heard and there were no voting irregularities. 

LCLAA staff was on hand throughout Virginia to answer common questions and direct people to their polling places. Additionally, LCLAA was in constant contact with a nationwide network of legal professionals and voting protection groups in order make regular reports and provide an avenue of communication between voters and election lawyers.

Additionally, LCLAA (in conjunction with LULAC), phone banked and called newly registered voters in Virginia in order to remind them to vote, help make a plan for election day, and ensure that voters had their polling location. LCLAA fielded questions and ensured that voters had all the tools and information needed in order to cast their vote on November 6th. In retrospect, LCLAA’s multi-faceted actions helped ensure high turnout and that that everyone’s voice counted.

LCLAA’s efforts helped emphasize the importance of civic participation, especially among the Latino electorate. LCLAA’s efforts, in conjunction with hundreds of other organizations throughout the United States, helped drive the share of the Latino vote to 10% of the electorate. The Latino vote had a lasting and profound impact across the United States and LCLAA hopes to continue to encourage civic participation among Latinos.