This black Friday, thousands of Wal-Mart workers will hit the streets to protest the unfair working environment. The workers don’t ask much but the necessary to improve their lives.

What do Wal-Mart workers want?

Better pay, why? Because the wages average is just $8.81/hour.

Fair Schedules, why? Because Workers are forced into “flexible” which means shorter shifts making it difficult to schedule their lives

Affordable health care, why? Because in two years Wal-Mart has twice raised the number of hours that part-time employees need to qualify for health benefits. 


This struggle has lasted more than six years; workers are better organized than before to demand dignity in their workplaces. The organizing committee of this strike expect up to 1000 protests in all the country.

Show some solidarity, think twice before you buy. You can be part of the change by making small choices.

There are 3 specific things you can do:

1.- Find an event close to you and stand with Wal-Mart workers.

2.- Sign the petition.

3.- Fund the workers strike.

On this Holiday of Thanksgiving you can do more than getting together with your family. You can help improve the working conditions of about 2.1 million Wal-Mart workers in the world.

They are part of the economy of this country and deserve better working conditions for them and better opportunities for their families.