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State-based Anti-immigrant Laws

LCLAA strongly condemns state-based laws which criminalize immigration offenses and promote racial profiling against Latino and other minority communities. Discriminatory laws such as SB 1070 serve to give states unfettered power to intrude on federal immigration matters, erode trust between communities and law enforcement authorities, and tear law-abiding immigrant families apart. Watch LCLAA Executive Director Hector E. Sanchez discuss SB 1070 on Agenda: Washington:

The Supreme Court’s recent decision in United States v. Arizona reinforces the concept that states must not create a dysfunctional patchwork of immigration laws but instead must defer to the federal government in the sphere of immigration.

Click here to read the Court’s opinion in SB 1070 case

Accordingly, LCLAA strongly urges the repeal of anti-immigrant laws in Georgia, Arizona, Alabama, and other states. LCLAA previously took a delegation to the Selma to Montgomery march to protest Alabam’s anti-immigrant HB 56. You can watch a video of the delegation here:

State-based immigration laws not only sow discord among new American immigrant families but also devastate state economies. A study by the Center for Business & Economic Research reveals that Alabama’s HB 56 will contract Alabama’s economy by $2.3 billion and cost over 70,000 jobs. Similarly, according to “Your State Can’t Afford It: The Fiscal Impact of State’s Anti-Immigrant Legislation,” Arizona’s SB 1070 is estimated to shrink Arizona’ economy by $48.8 billion. Studies have reached similar conclusions for other states that either enacted or were considering enacting anti-immigrant laws.

You can read the study here

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