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The Root Causes of Immigration

In order to develop a comprehensive immigration framework, it is essential that the community, media, and other stakeholders acknowledge that immigration has a series of complex and interconnected root causes.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was one of the largest driving factors behind the radical increase in immigration in the early 1990s. NAFTA ultimately destroyed local Mexican businesses, decimated Mexican agriculture and disintegrated the economic foundation of Mexico. Since NAFTA was enacted, immigration to the United States skyrocketed as more and more Mexican nationals moved to the United States seeking economic opportunity.

Within the United States, powerful business lobbies have established an economic system that lacks substantial labor regulations and is addicted to cheap and exploitable labor. Abuses and exploitation flourish in this environment with immigrant workers bearing the brunt of the negative impact. America’s addiction to disposable workers in the agricultural, construction, and domestic services spheres promote the employment of a labor force that is easily exploitable, subject to labor violations, and grossly underpaid.

For more information, read “Disposable Workers,” a special report compiled by Hector E. Sanchez documenting the root causes of immigration and steps that can be taken to address this inequity. 

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